Is your product / service in need of more attention? … because if you’re not getting your clients’ attention, you won’t ultimately make any sales. Branding, point-of-sale, exhibitions, social media campaigning, advertising and good old fashioned word-of-mouth all play their part in marketing your product or service to the world, and it’s getting tougher. We now live in a world of information overload .. our senses are bombarded from morning to night with information, some of it useful, but most of it designed to get us to part with our cash! Some of it’s in-your-face and objectionable, but a lot of it’s subtle and clever and has it’s roots in psychology. Just ask Edward Bernays.

I’ve designed logos and associated branding for clients, attended many exhibitions both a s a visitor and an exhibitor, used social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to promote, created adverts for inclusion in International publications, specifically Yellow Pages UK and USA and, well, word-of-mouth just speaks for itself! Planning, timing and thinking outside the box are essential.

A great story is the one of Pepsi vs. CocaCola … Pepsi spent a fortune trying to match the branding genius of CocaCola with all sorts of marketing campaigns and redesigns but couldn’t come close. They occupied 20% of the market to CocaCola’s 70%, the other 10% taken up with other brands. Then some clever chap had the idea of going to a supermarket where most of their product was being sold and just watching the consumer activity around the two brands. At the time CocaCola’s ‘brand logo’ was the bottle, not the now-famous swirly writing, as it had been patented and was a design masterpiece … shaped like a woman (sexy), capable of withstanding the ‘drop’ of a vending machine (strong) and easy to hold and drink from (balanced). What this particular Pepsi chap noticed, however, was that they weighed a ton when you bought several crates of them, which many housewives were doing to last the weekend ball games. Enter the two-litre lightweight plastic bottle, and Pepsi leapt up to a 50% market share almost overnight and simultaneously destoyed CocaCola’s ‘brand logo’, the bottle, in the process! That’s when CocaCola switched to the swirly writing familiar the world over as their brand logo, and our clever chap from Pepsi no doubt got a fat bonus, just for thinking outside of the box.