Everything from Art to Zonda sports cars …  the principle’s the same. AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire followed by Action. First you have to get the customer’s attention, and this is often achieved through marketing, although especially in the case of cold-calling, is probably the hardest part of the sales process. Once you have their attention, next you have to build interest in your product or service to the point where you’ve created enough desire for the customer to take action .. that is, buy!

I have over twenty years sales experience, starting my career selling carpet and upholstery cleaning door-to-door on a commission-only basis! You had to sell to eat, and I lasted a couple of years, so I guess I can chalk that one up as a success, although I didn’t put much weight on! Several years working in the Life Insurance industry followed and that was hard .. no-one likes talking about death, so I then escaped into selling everything from industrial chemicals to photocopiers. But then I discovered computing and I knew I was home. Mainframe consumables, micro computers, Apple Macs, all became my friends! And I sold them, lots of them and I was good at it.