Good design is subtle, bad design is obvious …  isn’t it funny how we tend to notice bad design far more quickly than we do good? Some of the best designs, we use frequently and don’t even notice. The simplest is usually the best .. take for example the humble push-pull door. A metal ‘push plate’ on the side of the door you’re meant to push, and a handle on the other side to pull the door open. No need for a sign. We instinctively know what to do. We automatically grab the handle and pull it towards us, and vice versa put our hand out and press it against the plate to push the door open. Simple. And brilliant design.

I haven’t designed any door handles, but I have designed thousands of print advertisements, hundreds of logos, a multitude of websites and numerous coffee tables! Apart from the coffee tables, my tools of choice are Photoshop (image), Illustrator (graphic), In Design (composition), Dreamweaver (xhtml, jQuery, CSS) and Pinnacle Studio (video). A shed load of other software programs too, but these are the main ones. More here ..