A wealth of experience, constantly updated … being one of the first thousand clients of the Internet Service Provider, Demon Internet. A London-based provider, it was the first to offer public internet access when the internet was in it’s infancy and there wasn’t a World Wide Web. It hadn’t been invented yet. It was like the wild west because it felt unexplored. I’ve been using it ever since .. and this to me is IT. It’s just a vast network of computers all talking to each other. Or a small one. Information Technology is a mammoth subject, encompassing everything from source code to running your bath from your mobile phone!

I bought my first computer in 1988, an Apple Mac. I was on the internet by 1990 and I think the WWW appeared around 1993. I stuck with Apple for many years, the internet evolved and I with it .. I embraced the new technologies and immersed myself in multimedia projects and networking. One day, my son embarrassed me with his PC prowess. He could do twice as much for half the price, and I switched. I’ve used a PC at home for many years now, but used both in my corporate employment.