Insomnia Multimedia

Insomnia Multimedia

Insomnia Multimedia, London   1994-1995

Partnership – Electronic Press Kits for musical artists

Moving to London in search of work, I had a girlfriend who worked as an A & R manager for Sony Music S2 label. One day, visiting her office, I noticed three secretaries busily compiling what were referred to as ‘press kits’. These consisted of …

  • Band biography / History of the band
  • CD
  • Color photos (many corporate photos are done in black and white for newspaper print purposes)
  • VHS video cassette of latest promotional video
  • Contact information for the band’s label, manager, publicist, or other representative
  • Discography (all previous albums released by the band)
  • Equipment list (if the kit is being sent to live music venue)

All of these were being squeezed into a large jiffy bag and then posted out to the media … literally hundreds of them! To me, this was ridiculously expensive and prone to error, so I formed a partnership with my girlfriend, Diane, and a friend of ours who was a Director of a large music publishing company … with a view to producing these press kits in electronic form, particularly on CD-ROM. After much research and visits to cd pressing companies like Nimbus in South Wales and tech companies in London, I borrowed £5k to buy an Apple Macintosh Quadra and peripherals and then lugged them around London in a taxi meeting the likes of Paul Daniel’s manager, Eric Clapton’s manager and just about every major UK music label in an effort to launch this technology. I produced two EPKi press kits, both artists on the Sony S2 label coincidentally, for Roachford and Sunscreem … unfortunately, Sir Tim Berners Lee went and invented the World Wide Web and, although incapable of delivering multimedia in its infancy, soon caught up and subsequently overtook cd-rom technology rendering our venture obsolete almost overnight … now, anyone could promote themselves, and everyone got to see it!