Apple Computer

Apple Computer

SCS – AppleCentre Birmingham    1988 – 1990

Corporate Sales Consultant – Apple Macintosh Computers

MBC – AppleCentre Central, Birmingham    1990 – 1994

Senior Sales Consultant – Apple Macintosh Computers

  • Achieved sales targets selling Apple Macs to design departments of corporate and government clients, including Birmingham Post & Mail, British Leyland (Rover Group), Birmingham City Council, Staffs County Council, Barkers Advertising, Lubrizol and several major packaging companies.

This was a time before Apple had their own network of stores, utilizing a franchise system for distribution of their products. Second City Systems went bankrupt in 1990, I think due to overtrading, so the best of us migrated to the competition, Micro Business Centres, and carried on, business as usual. Eventually, MBC followed a similar path … turning up to work one Monday morning to find the building shuttered and some men in suits retrieving car keys and mobile phones. Also bear in mind that this was at a time before Apple products became hugely popular, when the only people who bought them wore brown corduroys and desert wellies, and their biggest rival, Microsoft, had to bail them out! … almost unbelievable given that today, their stock value is greater than both Microsoft’s and Google’s put together!