ALT. Visuals

ALT. Visuals

ALT. Visuals, Birmingham    2009 – 2011

Partner  –  Web & Graphic Design

Formed a web and graphic design company with two friends using redundancy money from Yellow Pages, producing numerous commercial websites and a full-colour glossy 60 page catalogue for a high-profile furniture company.

Pictured is Ian Luckett on the left, Ziggy Tashi in the middle wearing something silly on his head, and myself. Ian was or probably still is a very clever man, the ‘coder’ of the outfit, Ziggy taught or still teaches Graphic Design at Solihull College and I looked after the business side. Unfortunately, as with many partnerships .. money, conflicting points of view and  time-commitment shortages meant the writing was again on the wall for me. I decided to quit and followed it up gracefully with a short bout of illness.

But we live and learn. Ziggy and Ian are great guys, are still in business and can be found here.